Virtual Pubs to Help You Survive the Lockdown

Virtual Pubs to Help Survive the Lockdown

It’s currently impossible to visit a pub or bar at the moment for a bit of social interaction.  Whilst the COVID-19 induced lockdown is happening you have to stay inside and self isolate, with pubs forced to close to help stop the spread of the virus.

The good news is that if you are craving a few beers and some chat you can still be involved with a bit of social interaction online.

38 Famous Quotes about Drinking Beer

Famous Quotes about Beer

I am sure many readers have extolled the virtues of a glorious pint after a session, but how many of these diatribes were recorded for posterity? Or indeed, worthy of being recorded?

But don’t worry if you can’t find the words, as I’ve scoured books and the Internet to bring you a comprehensive list of quotes about beer from famous historical figures to Homer Simpson.