I’ve wanted to write something about food and drink for some time, so here it is, finally!

Who am I? I’m Keith, and i currently live in North London. I run to offset the beer belly and work as a digital marketer. I got into the internet back in 1998 and love it. I also used to work in a pub when i was about 16. I started fairly early on the path to becoming bacchanalian.

Although i’ve always been able to drink anything, once upon a time I was considered a very fussy eater. I was known to only eat chips, and perhaps the odd chicken nugget. I was pretty stubborn. And still am!

Now, some decades later I eat most things, but alas, am still not a fan of the dreaded mushroom or the evil peanut. I still do love a good chip, but my consumption of these tasty delights has reduced to minuscule proportions, and usually in sweet potato-wedge form.

I am hoping to provide some unique content in due course using some technical wizardry I’m interested in learning, but until that day it will be full of whatever I feel is interesting at the time.

It could be a restaurant discovered whilst travelling, or raving about some local delights found whilst wandering my manor.

In case you were wondering, I came across the phrase ‘bacchanalian propensities’ whilst reading Dicken’s ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, and thought it was a wonderful turn of phrase. I stole it as it seemed rather apt for this blog.

Where does the word originate? Well you may know of Bacchus, the Roman god of agriculture, wine and fertility which was based upon the Greek god Dionysus.

If you wish to reach me, for whatever reason, please email [email protected]