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Popcorn Shed Gourmet Popcorn Review

Apr 29, 2019 | Food

Some people do many weird and wonderful things in sheds.

They don’t just store their lawnmower, they start businesses which go on to be very successful. Many writers have have used their shed to write much-loved classics, and you can even buy a shed to setup a new home brewery.

I for one, am a bit jealous of even having a shed. My shed is unfortunately no longer with us.

This shed is fubar

This shed is no more! It has ceased to be! May it rest in peace! It is now an ex-shed!

Luckily for me, cousins Sam and Laura begun to make excellent popcorn in theirs, and went on to form Popcorn Shed, a gourmet popcorn brand.

I was lucky to get a box of some of their finest flavours. I was a bit dubious of popcorn made in a shed, but upon close inspection there did not seem to be any spiders, snails, slugs or any hatching birds contained in any of the packets.

Always a plus in my book.

Gourmet Popcorn Flavours

Here’s my take on their range of flavours.

  • Butterly Nuts – you need to be a proper peanut fan for this but if you are it’s fantastic. A really good combo of sweet caramel, toasty nuts and saltiness that complements them both. Love the addition of whole peanuts with the popcorn.
  • Pecan Pie – this is nice, although not as nutty or flavoursome as the peanut one. More subtle, but very easy to eat!
  • Salted caramel – really unusual with the surprise addition of milk chocolate. Makes it very luxurious. Comparing it to Joe & Seph’s, probably the most well-known salted caramel luxury popcorn – it’s not as caramelly or as salty but the chocolate adds interest, and the crunch is good.
  • Pop N Choc – VERY chocolatey but not too sweet or rich, very well balanced. The chocolate tastes good quality and the cocoa caramel adds smoothness.
  • Sweet Cheesus – cheese and caramel sounds like a weird combo but works in the same way as salted caramel, with the added tanginess of cheese. Surprisingly good and very moreish.
  • Berrylicous – Raspberry flavoured caramel with freeze dried raspberries. Chocolate joins the party to create another surprise hit with me.
  • Say Cheese! – I can see why this cheesy champion managed to win a ‘Great Taste Award’. It has an addictive flavour I was not expecting.
Say Cheese Popcorn

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. My favourite!

I’m certainly not new to gourmet popcorn, but I have been very impressed with Popcorn Shed. The quality of the popcorn itself is second to none and the amount of flavour crammed into each packet makes it a welcome treat that’s not just for the cinema.

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Keith Greywood

Keith Greywood


I'm the Founder of Bacchanalian, a food and drink blog. I write about food and drink, with a keen focus on beer.
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