Do you ever get cravings for food you’ve had in the past?

In London, it’s pretty simple to answer any random flavour-pangs on a whim.

Sadly, it seems that for one favourite of mine, global domination takes time.

It’s been a year since I was in Australia, but I still have fond memories of a sensational sweet treat found there.

After a week on Straddie I visited Sydney for a few days. I was based in the city’s Chinatown. This is an area where you’ll find lots of noodle bars and other foodie treats.

In an area where I did not typically see many queues for the speedy fare available, one shop seemed to have a constant line of eager 20-somethings snaking outside.

After further investigation, it was revealed that the drooling masses were mad-keen on Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecakes.

So of course I joined the queue to see what all the fuss was about.

Standing in the queue, it’s easy to watch the efficient staff operate a conveyor of shiny mesmerising machinery, whilst the sweet, buttery aroma fills your senses.

I’ve never seen so many cheesecakes made and sold so rapidly.

All too soon, I’d been given a bag filled with my freshly-baked order so I could take away and greedily tuck in like a true glutton.

I was not disappointed.

I could not stomach a whole $15 cheesecake – but in just three days I became somewhat addicted to the insanely good Japanese cheese tarts.

Let’s just say I returned way too many times in my short stay.

Uncle Tetsu, please, please come to London. We need you.

Oh yes, and bring your cheesecake recipe too.


Uncle Tetsu