Local Beer Festival Clash: Oxted Vs Godstoneberry?

Oxted Godstoneberry Festival Clash

It seems as though the gods have deemed it fit for two beer festivals local to me to be held on the exact same weekend.

Both located in East Surrey, Oxted Beer Festival and Godstoneberry will both take place on the 12-14th of July this year.

Oxted Beer Festival takes place at Master Park and Godstoneberry tales place at Flower Farm, about 2 and a half miles away from each other.

I messaged the team at Godstoneberry to check this fact and they had a pretty good reason:

Unfortunately, being a working farm we have to schedule our events to fit in with farming commitments. With a busy P.Y.O season all June and into July, and hundreds of day old turkey chicks arriving the weekend after it was that weekend or not at all.

I like beer, but day old turkey chicks could win if I had to choose!

So, what is a beer lover to do?

Go to both festivals of course!

As I’ve applied for a volunteer role behind the main bar at Oxted Beer Festival on Friday and Saturday,  Sunday should be free for a few chilled hours over at Godstoneberry.

Plus, it’s not like this is the only beer event to be held at Flower Farm.

It’s unlikely that I will make it to Stokey’s Beer Festival this year, so I’ll have to get my February festival fix at the Godstoneberry launch party instead.

As an added bonus it’ll give some insight into the July festival too.