Craft Beer Artists Contribute to Anonymous heART Project Auction

Craft Beer Art Auction

Fancy owning some original art?

Well you can if you hurry as there’s an auction on 450 postcards on ebay running.

Some of these have been created by artists famous for their work on craft beer labels.

Others have been created by other artists, writers, politicians and comedians.

Here’s some of the craft beer artists involved:

Nick Dwyer - Beavertown Art for Sale
This looks like the work of Nick Dwyer to me.
  • Dean McKeever (Tree House Brewing)
  • Ralph Steadman (Flying Dog)

The catch is that each piece of art will be kept anonymous until the end of the auction.

The auction was organised by UK charity Heart Research UK, with proceeds from the sales providing funding for vital medical heart research.

Can you guess which artist created any of the postcards?

Personally, I’m finding it impossible, but here’s the rather impressive full list of contributors to give you a hand.