As well as the castle up the hill, the medieval town of Lewes is dominated by Harvey’s Brewery. A relic from a somewhat bygone age where local breweries were often centrally located in their towns.

Although a functioning brewery is a rare sight these days in most towns, you can still discover nods to the past, if you know where to look.


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I’d visited the town with friends on a scorching hot day last summer.

The town was buzzing, with the pubs full and the high street full of life, which seems a distant memory now.

After a good wander, it was unanimously decided to find a pub to quench our thirst. Searching for an outside space, we found a spot at the Snowdrop Inn. The pub had a decent range of beers and is overlooked by the chalky white cliffs of the South Downs. Perfect.

The first pint had to be a pint of Sussex Best.

With the lockdown in full force, Craft brewery Siren had encouraged their Twitter followers to share their favourite images of beer with the #beermemories hashtag. I decided to join in with an image of this pint.

How was the pint?

Even at a pub which was not Harvey’s owned it was glorious. I can’t remember too much about it, but I was certainly onto my second pretty quickly.

I, like many, am looking forward to simple pleasures such as a pint of decent cask ale in the sunshine. Who knows, I may even make it a Sussex Best.