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Beer Label Art #2: Mikkeller and Keith Shore

Nov 25, 2018 | Beer

You can’t really write about craft beer labels without talking about Mikkeller.

So recognisable is the Danish brewery’s artwork, that there is now a standalone webstore which sells limited edition prints worldwide.

Keith Shore, Mikkeller’s Art Director, uses a limited colour palette to great effect, creating quirky, cartoonish designs which catch the eye.

Labels often feature beer-loving characters Henry and Sally and are unique to each beer.

I instantly recognised cans of Mikkeller’s new year-round series now sold in Marks & Spencer for £2.79 a can.

Mikkeller Cans Available all Year Round

I like how the beer style is incorporated into the wacky labels.

  • Hair in the Mailbox – India Pale Ale
    Hair in the mailbox seems pretty wrong to me, who would want hairy letters? Even so, the artwork for this one is fun, bright with a dog and a beard. What’s not to like. I really enjoyed this fruity IPA. It’s a light yellow-orange in appearance with a slight haze.
    A great foamy head, which lasted. My favourite of the bunch.
  • Stick a finger in the soil – Pale Ale
    Creepy artwork, which looks somewhat rude, but I am not sure why. I stuck my tongue in the beer instead. It tasted pretty good. Amber-gold in colour, and slightly hazy. It’s well balanced, with apricot citrus and bitterness rounding out the flavours to finish. Tasted fresh, with a tight foam head.
  • I don’t have a red shrimp – Pilsner
    I’d be annoyed too if my Shrimp walked off before I could tuck in. 
    Golden-straw in appearance, slight mango nose with caramel. Biscuit and lemon on palate. The beer seems soft and somewhat thin. I think it needs a bigger whack of bitterness, but that’s just what I prefer with pilsners.
  • Wood will fall down – Passionfruit Berliner Weisse
    Wood certainly does fall down if my garden is anything to go by. TRUTH. I am not always keen on Berliner Weisse, but maybe as I do love Passionfruit this one I enjoyed. It seemed to have balance, with sweetness to balance the sourness.
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What do you think of the artwork and the new year round range? Let me know in the comments.

Keith Greywood

Keith Greywood


I'm the Founder of Bacchanalian, a food and drink blog. I write about food and drink, with a keen focus on beer.
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