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Pinter Brew #3: Four Saisons Pale Ale

May 28, 2021 | Beer

My third brew with the Pinter home brewing system was ‘Four Saisons’ which is listed as both a saison and a farmhouse pale ale. 

I brewed for 7 days and conditioned for 7 days as recommended in my new co-pinter, with no issues at all compared to my previous brews. 

On first pouring it certainly looked the part – a light golden colour with a small head of foam.

Not lively or as uncontrollable as my first brews, the Dark Matter Stout or Lockwood Pilsner.

There was a rustic quality to it with an almost abrasive dryness.

Four Saisons

I’d have preferred more Belgian funk akin to Saison Dupont, the benchmark of the style. 

The beer being tapped coincided with a weekend trip to the Witterings on the south coast so I decided to take some with me. 

I poured my fresh saison into two beer growlers, a total of around 5 or so pints worth to share with my father in law and Mrs Bacchanalian. I kept the beer in a cold bag on the 2 hour journey and it stayed cool enough on the trip.

It may have benefitted somewhat from developing a bit further as it was refreshing after unpacking and getting the accomodation in order.

But, as always, the comedy of errors continued and I’d placed the beer in a freezer and not a fridge. 

Ice Cold Beer - Oops

The next day it was solid, but managed to defrost some to extract a few more glasses worth from it.

I think I accidentally made a stronger, more flavourful beer, much in the way they make stronger beers and wine, unless that was just the low temperature masking the flavours. 

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Onwards and upwards. On to brew 4, a Double IPA called Space Hopper

Keith Greywood

Keith Greywood


I'm the Founder of Bacchanalian, a food and drink blog. I write about food and drink, with a keen focus on beer.
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