Like many people lucky enough to be feeling healthy while observing lockdown, I’ve been making the most of the time at home to try out some new recipes.

I’ve followed Ping Coombes, who won Masterchef a few years ago, on Instagram for a while and have been getting more and more inspired by the dishes she posts – although always a bit too lazy to make any.

This all changed this weekend after watching her video for Dalgona Coffee. Just 3 ingredients and a few minutes whisking promised to produce an Insta-friendly cold coffee drink.

I’m not a coffee drinker myself, so made this for my husband and fellow blogger Keith.

Dalgona Coffee Method (credit to Ping):

Whisk equal quantities (I used 2 tbsp of each) of instant coffee, caster sugar and warm water together until the coffee dissolves, the colour lightens and the texture is of a gloopy meringue.

Spoon over milk (I chilled mine with a few ice cubes).

Dalgona Coffee Creation

The verdict? While it was challenging to drink, especially for my bearded husband (hello Dalgona moustache), it seemed to go down well as an occasional sweet treat.

Next challenge – to try and make it with some Capital Coffee as I used the last of the instant and don’t want to buy anymore!

Oh – and for those like Keith, wondering where it comes from…Google tells me Dalgona Coffee originates in India, Pakistan and / or Macau but became popular after appearing on a Korean TV show – where the main character tried it and found it similar to the Korean sponge candy…also called Dalgona.

So now you know!