Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to have been supplied with freshly ground coffee from Capital Coffee from their new online store.

Capital supplies coffee shops and restaurants throughout the south east with freshly roasted coffee and as well as machines and other equipment. During the COVID-19 crisis, their trade business has dried up overnight, with coffee shops and restaurants closing their doors throughout the UK.

Having recently set up an online coffee store for retail customers, they now are concentrating on supplying the home market with fresh coffee during the coronavirus pandemic. So, if you are working at home and miss your daily fresh coffee, then Capital could help you out.

Small Batch Craft Coffee

Capital roast small batches each week in their own roaster in London, and the coffee is available on a subscription or one-off basis. The subscription is ideal once you’ve got a coffee you prefer from their extensive list.

There are single origin coffees from around the world as well as their most popular blends. Not only that, a decaf option is available, as are Nespresso compatible capsules.

Coffee roaster Mark has over 30 years experience working with coffee, and uses state of the art equipment to ensure the roast is just right. In-fact, customers can even choose the roast they prefer and the grind that works best for their home brewing method. Use an Aeropress? No problem. This level of choice is rare with coffee for home use. They’ll also provide beans if you are lucky enough to have a good grinder or coffee machine at home.

I decided to check out Capital’s single origin coffees, aiming to spend part of my isolation training my coffee palate. I usually have a dash of milk in the morning, and black throughout the rest of the day. I never have sugar in coffee. For me, milk adds enough sweetness.

The coffee, roasted several days previously, was ground to be used in a pot (filter) and some was ground to the right consistency to be used in an Aeropress.

Freshly Roasted Columbian Coffee

I started with the Colombia Supremo, a beautiful coffee. It’s fruity, but balanced, with caramel undertones. Great for an early afternoon pick-me-up and to be drunk with no milk. For this coffee I’m using an Aeropress. Tasting at room temperature, it is also possible to discern more of the flavour compounds present.

Next up is Kenyan Blue Mountain. Related to the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, but at a better price point. This is smoother, delicate with less fruity acidity than the Columbia Supremo. I had this in the Aeropress too. I like it, but those that know me understand my need for bigger flavours!

The Aeropress is a great coffee press for making a single cup. The grind which is best for this coffee maker is somewhere between between a filter and espresso.

I rarely make filter coffee; being the only coffee drinker in the house and with no visitors expected during lockdown there isn’t much point.

A pot of coffee is a lot for one to drink in a day, but after being indoors for three weeks it was useful to brew a few cups in one go to provide a Monday boost.

The coffee I used for this was the Ethiopian Sidamo, which was recommended for use in cafetières and filters. It’s clean, delicate and very drinkable. This was handy as I had made enough for about three people.

With the warmer weather, I used the surplus to create a decent ice coffee – in the comfort of my own home of course #StayAtHome!

Fresh Filter Coffee

Interested in trying some coffee? For 20% off your first order, use code BACCHANALIAN. Minimum spend of £10 applies but you get free delivery too.