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Brewdog Fanzine Review – First Impressions

May 31, 2018 | Beer

Beer subscriptions.

They’ve been around a while, and there’s now a vast array of clubs delivering boxes of craft beer on a regular basis to thirsty beer geeks.

One of the latest created was Brewodg’s Fanzine, which sends three cans of limited edition beers every two weeks.

I’d never signed up to a beer subscription before, and six new beers a month seemed a drinkable amount, so I signed up.

It was not long before I found the first box on my doorstep.

It’s pretty simple. Each week you get a small box with the beers and an information card.

I’m now on the 3rd week so have a reasonable impression of the service and the beers received.

Brewdog Fanzine Review

Fanzine Week 1:

  • Zephyr V1 – Citrus Tart Edition
  • Jet Trash V1 – West Coast IPA
  • Nebula – Russian Imperial Stout

I think the stand out in week one was Nebula – a complex and rather excellent imperial stout. Very smooth, boozy with lots of silky chocolate flavour.

I also enjoyed the Jet Trash V1 – which was an approachable and balanced West Coast IPA. I will look forward to more versions of this one.

Fanzine Brewdog Week 1

Fanzine Week 2:

  • Fool’s Gold– Dortmunder Export Lager
  • Jinx – Pale Ale V1 – Washington Hop Edition
  • King of Eights V1  – East Coast IPA

This week had a selection of very drinkable beer. None of these lasted long and proved ideal for the surprisingly warm weather.

Fanzine Week 3:

  • Zephyr V2 – Lime Gose Edition
  • Ten Ton Truck – Espresso Edition
  • Pulp Patriot – NEIPA

Week three included a fruit bomb 9.5% New England IPA and a new version of Zephyr.

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I’ve not drunk much Gose before, but it’s certainly something I need to try more of. I prefer this to the Zephyr V1.

Getting more familiar with different, rarer styles is one of the reasons I signed up to the box, so I am happy so far with what I’m getting.

Here’s a few thoughts summarised.

Fanzine Pros

  • Fresh, news beers, but not an overwhelming amount
  • Their online system is good
  • Easy to stop/start subscription and change address
  • A good mix – Has some sour styles, stronger dark beers and lots of different IPAs
  • It should be interesting to compare versions – if you can remember them!

Fanzine Cons

  • If you don’t like Brewdog then you’ll get sick of it pretty quickly.
  • Not something you are going to share often.
  • Not going to be your regular supply of go-to beers.
  • If you really like something it would be hard to find it again (could always get something similar though)

Price: £11 every fortnight. Available direct from Brewdog.

Week four’s beers have arrived already! Cheers!

Keith Greywood

Keith Greywood


I'm the Founder of Bacchanalian, a food and drink blog. I write about food and drink, with a keen focus on beer.
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