Advent calendars have moved on from those dodgy ‘chocolates’ you have to dig out from from cheap plastic moulds in garish boxes.

Adult-themed calendars have taken hold in the last few years with whiskey, gin and wine joining craft beer advent calendars as popular gifts.

Below is a curated selection of what I think are the most interesting craft beer advent calendars available this Christmas.

1. Best for Beer Geeks – Honest Brew Ultimate

Honestbrew ultimate beer advent calendar

It’s no surprise that some of the best beers are also the most expensive, and this calendar promises to deliver those. I’ve reviewed an Honest Brew calendar before, but this one looks to be a huge improvement.

Another selling point of this calendar is that hoppy beers are weighted towards the start of the month. This keeps the hops as fresh as possible.

Honest Brew have sold out of their calendars for the last 3 years running, so best to get orders in early, although they do have a more affordable version available for £74.90.

Likely breweries: Northern Monk, Magic Rock, Cloudwater, Pressure Drop, Buxton.

2. Best for Classic Ale Lovers – Adnams

Adnams Advent Calendar

I think Adnams are pretty cool, and with superb beers like Broadside and Ghost Ship, it’s likely your Dad does too.

As always, there’s 24 beers, with Adnams classic ales as well as their more recent craft options – there’s a New England IPA and their excellent dry-hopped lager. There’s 17 different beers, as some beers feature more than once. 

3. Best for those Wanting Something Very Cool – Mikkeller

Mikkeller Beer Calendar

Denmark’s Mikkeller produce an advent box with 24 beers, all presented in their own unique way.

The calendar features classics as well as newcomers from Mikkeller, and it is shipped in mid-November.

One issue is that you’ll have to order from Denmark to get your hands on it.

The odd video is worth a watch too.

4. Best if you Like Variety – Beerhawk

Beerhawk Advent Calendar

Beerhawk have really pushed the boat out for their 2019 calendar, with the 24 beers being from 14 different countries. Not only that, they state that 19 of them are exclusives to Beerhawk.

If you like variety, this calendar may also deliver with 15 different styles from highly rated craft breweries like Mikkeller, Thornbridge, Amundsen, Magic Rock and Wild Beer.

5. Brewdog Advent Calendars – Best for Brewdog Fans

Brewdog Advent Calendar 2019

Brewdog have three calendars available, which will appeal to different levels of beer geek or Brewdog fan.

The levels are:

  • Pack Leaders Advent Calendar – £40
  • Premium Advent Calendar – £75
  • EFP Advent Calendar – £110

The Pack Leaders Advent calendar contains Brewdog’s flagship and widely available beers. At £40 this presents decent value for 24 beers, and is the cheapest beer advent calendar I’ve found on offer in 2019.

The premium calendar includes more dark beers and even a sour beer from Brewdog’s new ‘Overworks’ facility.

The EFP calendar is only for those who have invested in Brewdog and become an ‘Equity Punk’. They promise lots of limited release beers, including stronger, rarer styles such as barley wines.

Brewdog state that calendars will be delivered between the 11th and 30th November.

6. Beer52 – Best for Worldwide Brews

Beer52 Advent Calendar

Beer52 is a well known beer subscription club, and it is using these connections to curate a calendar which features beers from a whopping 13 countries in 15 different styles.

The calendar includes beers from Northern Monk, Vibrant Forest, and many breweries you’d unlikely to have come across before unless you are a Beer52 subscriber.

As a bonus, there’s also a chance to win a trip to Belgium for two when you buy this calendar.

7. Best Value Craft Beer Calendar – Beerwulf

Beerwulf Advent Calendar
Craft beer retailer Beerwulf is offering up 24 beers from 24 different breweries for £49.95. But what’s different about this calendar? Well, they do not give much away apart from the fact that the calendar includes an exclusive Christmas beer from Jopen, a brewery in the Netherlands.

Buy Local?

It could make sense to buy local and support your local store, if you are lucky enough to have one. My local beer shop produces a calendar featuring stronger beers for the weekend, and a special Christmas beer on the 24th.

So which one will get? Do you have any other calendars you recommend? Let me know or leave a comment.