Whilst at Ally Pally Foodies Festival I spotted a tent selling German beer tucked away near the main seating area.

A large Stein of German beer certainly appealed.

Award WInning Bavarian Beer

OK, you have my attention.

The bar was serving beers from the Aitken Brewery, which has a 700 year tradition for producing beer, and source grain and Hallertau hops from the local farms.

The brewery is located in the town on Kaufbeuren in Bavaria, around 50 miles from Munich.

Thankfully, they are known simply as just ABK.

The beers are made following the famous German beer purity laws and it’s not often you really see too many of this type on tap, unless you visit specialist bars.

Oktoberfest stand from ABK

The draught beer available was their Dortmunder Export, deep golden, malty and coming in at 5.8%. I did not try the Rose Radler style beer, but it certainly suited the weather.

They were promoting the beer at Foodies festival as ABK is apparently the official Oktoberfest beer at the event which travels to various venues around the UK.

Choose your weapons

So if you are attending any of these ‘official’ Oktoberfest events this year, it’s likely you’ll be enjoying a few glasses of ABK yourself.