Mugs Coffee: Small Batch Coffee, Delivered

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to have been supplied with some Mugs Coffee to try. Mugs roast small batches of their choice blends each week in London, and it’s available on a subscription basis.

Coffee roaster John has extensive experience working with coffee, and has a background supplying many small businesses in the South-East. He is known as Mr Coffee by those who know him, which is not surprising as it seems half of his family also work in the trade.

Mugs Coffee Small Batch

So, onto the coffee. They have several options to choose from, but keep it simple with one seasonal single origin roast, and also their own special blend. Currently,  La Sofia Supremo 19+ from Columbia is on offer which I can certainly recommend.

I use an Aeropress to make coffee, and this stuff is so good I’ve also started taking a flask on my daily commute, and I’ll certainly be looking out for more of their seasonal specials.