Clean Water Lager Honesty Box from Brewgooder

Beer Honesty Box - Pay What You Want

It’s possible to order a 6-pack of beer and pay what you want for it, thanks to Brewgooder.

Even better, in doing so you’ll help provide access to clean drinking water for those who need it, with 100% of the profits funding clean water projects in the developing world.

Clean Water Lager

The beer, dubbed ‘Clean Water Lager’ is brewed by Brewdog, who do so for no margin.

The lager itself is pale straw in colour, light in body, with a clean, crisp finish rounded off with citrus. The use of the Sorachi Ace hop brings added class.

Easily smashable and perfect for a baking-hot summers day. And with the added bonus of helping a good cause you can enjoy this beer guilt-free.