Nasa have announced today that they have discovered a whopping 7 exoplanets orbiting a star around 40 light years away. What’s interesting about this is that some are in the habitable zone, meaning they could have liquid water, and thus life.

The system itself is named Trappist-1, and it seems the team behind the discovery had discussed naming the planets after Belgian beers!

Screenshot below taken from the Telegraph’s livestream explains more, but being a pedantic beer nerd, I must say that Duvel should not be included, as it is technically an Abbey beer, not Trappist. Perhaps Duvel could be a moon of one of the exoplanets?

Trappist Or Abbey?

So, with the name of the system Trappist-1, could the planet order be the following Belgian Trappist Ales, in order of the year founded*?

  1. Rochefort
  2. Westmalle
  3. Westvleteren
  4. Chimay
  5. Orval
  6. Achel
  7. La Trappe

These moniker’s have great a good ring to them (sorry) for planets, don’t you think? We may never get to visit Trappist-1 any time soon, but we can certainly raise a Belgian beer or two in their honour.

* According to Wikipedia