Pole Position: Polish Beer Tasting

Pole Position: Polish Beer Tasting

My local corner shop used to be Polish, and my wife, in a somewhat misguided attempt to feed my craft beer addiction, got into the habit of bringing me back cheap cans of Polish beer to sample in order to get to minimum spend on card payments.

Over the course of several weeks, I tried Tyskie, Lech, Perla, Zubr, and Karpackie.

I had originally planned a thoughtful and detailed review of the look and taste of each of them.

Unfortunately, I can’t really tell you much about the difference between them and struggled to finish some of them at the time of drinking. Still, I managed to earn another Untappd badge by drinking five different beers from Poland. Polish Beer Tasting

Here’s an overview, with any comments at the time of tasting:

  • Lech Premium – 5% ABV. 16 IBU. (Untappd 2.97) My Rating: 2/5

  • Tyskie Gronie –  5.2% ABV. 19 IBU (Untapped 3.08) My Rating 2.75/5
    Drunk at a Eurovision party, “Brought by someone to represent Poland. Not great.”
  • Perla Chmielowa – 6% ABV (Untappd 3.02) My Rating 3.25/5
    “Crisp, dry. Drinkable with some backbone.”
  • Żubr – 6% ABV (Untappd 2.92) My Rating 3.25/5
    “Fairly sweet with less crispness than the Perla.”
  • Karpackie 9% – 9% ABV (Untappd 2.99)  My Rating 3/5
    “This  is the kind of madness you don’t need.”

I think in order to truly appreciate Poland’s beer scene, I need to try this selection from the Stu Mostow brewery, which includes a number of fruity options, or perhaps take a trip to Krakow or Warsaw and take on one of these tours and tastings.

Can you recommend any Polish beer? Tell me your tips in the comments.