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6 of the Best Craft Beer Podcasts to Help Survive the Lockdown

Apr 17, 2020 | Beer

Bored with listening to the same songs on the radio and the TV’s rolling Coronavirus updates, I’ve turned my attention to Podcasts about beer.

Well, it turns out, they are mostly about beer, with many tending to veer into all sorts of subjects. Coronavirus is omnipresent, of course, but all have their own unique appeal to suit your mood.

Despite the social distancing, podcasts are being recorded regularly at the moment, with writers, brewers and other notable figures may have more time to contribute during the COVID lockdown, albeit remotely using video conferencing tools such as zoom.

Here’s five beer podcasts for UK listeners I recommend.

1. OG Podcast

Original Gravit Podcast

The OG team are not producing a magazine at this time, so have focused their energies into a podcast. There’s a fun chat about all kinds of things, with knowledgeable beer writers Pete Brown, Adrian Tierney Jones and Daniel Neilson sharing all sorts of interesting insights. The only let-down has been the understandable issue of some minor sound quality and editing issues.

Let’s hope they keep it up!

2. Pints. People. Pubs – CAMRA Podcast

Pints People Pubs - CAMRA

With noticeable improvements to its online services in recent months, CAMRA continues to make strides utilising digital with a brand-new Podcast. I was surprised with the quality, with the first few episodes being slick, coherent and there were interesting interviews with brewers recorded before the lockdown. I look forward to more episodes from this newly formed team.

3. Beer O’ Clock Show

Beer O' Clock Show Podcast

Based in Essex, the Steve and Martin from the Beer O’ Clock show regularly spend time reviewing several beers with several discussion points keeping things moving. There is a rambling chat, taking place over a few hours, and they discuss topics which are hot in the beer world, sourcing information from Twitter responses. Coming from Essex myself, I do relate to the locality, although I consume nowhere near as much beer as these chaps do!

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4. Fermentation in Isolation (Ferment Radio) with Emma Inch

Fermentation in Isolation

I had not listened to Emma Inch’s Ferment Radio before, but I had heard of it. Now, she is conducting her podcast remotely, but with a special edition called Fermentation in Isolation. The content is well produced and prolific, and there are many interviews with those in the beer world. Based in Sussex, there’s also focus on this region, such as an interview with a community owned pub which is doing a sterling job of delivering food to local customers in need.

5. Cabin Fever – Brussels Beer City

Cabin Fever Podcast

Another prolific podcast during the Crisis is Cabin Fever. The host, Eoghan Walsh, interviews guests including brewers, writers and speakers from beer scenes around the world, giving global insight into what’s happening.


6. Beer Prime by Paul Newton

Beer Prime Podcast

The Beer Prime podcast started in the summer of 2020 and features interviews with various folks in the craft beer community. I listened to a long and interesting chat with Robert Wicks from Westerham Brewery. I’ll certainly listen again, especially as Paul is pretty local to me in Surrey.


I listen to all of Podcasts on Spotify, but they are usually also available on iTunes and other services.

Let me know of any beer podcasts you recommend in the comments, and I’ll be sure to give them a listen.

Keith Greywood

Keith Greywood


I'm the Founder of Bacchanalian, a food and drink blog. I write about food and drink, with a keen focus on beer.
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