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Bloody Beltin’ Brownies from Ruff Puff

Jun 27, 2024 | Food

Our copy of Bake Off’s John Whaite’s book, John Whaite Bakes, is well-thumbed and flour-stained, a testament to its heavy use. It contains some superb recipes that I enjoy eating, even if I’m not the one making them!

So, I was delighted to hear that Mr. Whaite offers brownies for sale via Ruff Puff Brownies.

Best Brownie Box?

The brownies are large, and there is one of each type in the box. Quite different and a great alternative to the Bad Brownie Box i‘ve ordered before.

The brownies look fantastic -See the image below. These are a real treat!

Ruff Puff Box Summer Flavours

The ‘Summer Flavours’ box we tried contained eight different brownies, each large enough to share so we could sample all the flavours. Here’s what we indulged in:

  • Tropical Eclipse: Pineapple pieces and toasted coconut
  • Signature Sexy: Fudgy brown-butter blondie
  • Odds N Sods: Honey cashews, pecans, and caramel shards
  • Midnight Eclipse: Blackcurrant and liquorice jelly
  • Salty Sprinkle: Signature gooey brownie
  • Eastern Fling: Orange blossom and honey sesame brittle
  • Campfire Canoodle: Marshmallow fluff, salted caramel, and biscuit
  • Boris the Eton Mess: Strawberry jam, marshmallow fluff, and meringue

Bloody Beltin' Brownies

My favourite was the Blackcurrant and Liquorice flavour brownie. I could not get enough of that rich chocolate paired with the fruity finish. I am not a fan of liquorice, but it is subtle here and works well with the other flavours. It’s reminiscent of some of my favourite strong beers!

I also really enjoyed the ‘Crunch Chunks’, which are made from brownie offcuts baked in butterscotch. Delicious!

If you’re a brownie lover, I highly recommend trying Ruff Puff Brownies. You can order them here. Boxes of brownies are £28 a box and sell out in minutes – they are only available twice a week at present, so we were really lucky to get hold of a box! 

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Keith Greywood

Keith Greywood


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