Eating Moreton Bay Bugs on Stradbroke Island, Australia

Eating Bugs on Straddie at Christmas

As it is constantly dark and dull in the UK in January, it reminded me of how at the start of last year I’d just got back from an incredible 3-week trip to sunny Australia.

I was lucky enough to spend Christmas Day 2016 on North Stradbroke Island, or ‘Straddie’ as it is affectionately known by those who discover it.

But you won’t have turkey on Christmas day on Straddie. No, only BBQ’d Moreton Bay Bugs, slathered in butter, will do.

Although locally known as a Bug, the crustacean is actually a Slipper or Flathead Lobster, or Thenis Orientalis, to be exact.

Their local name comes from the Moreton Bay area around Brisbane, where they are commonly fished.

Smaller, and perhaps a little uglier than your common lobster, nevertheless they were delicious.

So, don’t let the ‘bug’ part of the name put you off if you have the opportunity to try one.

Of course, to get the full effect, eat outside on your balcony overlooking Moreton Bay, glass of chilled Aussie sparkling wine in hand.


Moreton Bay Bugs
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